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           Arc Tec   is  started on 2005 and  located  in  Coimbatore . We  render service  across  South India. The company is run by energetic and innovative  people  who focus  extremely on  quality service and customer satisfaction.


        Our  main  Moto is  to  make painting a  hassle free professional job.  Here  we  not  only  train  the  painters  to get  quality work but also educate  them to maintain good behavioral pattern at sites. 


        First   impressions  are  crucial   to  success  in  our  business. Therefore, one  of    the  necessary conditions for  establishing  customer loyalty to our  products  is   a  visually  inviting  and  memorable  identity through all  our marketing efforts ; service, communication  materials, customer satisfaction. We want the customer to remember ArcTec  by our attention to  the  values  of  our  company  and  our services. Apart  from the  painting we  also take  care of  the   pre-painting (analyzing the wall  condition, covering  the floors with covering sheets, etc.,) and post painting(cleaning ,regrouping etc., ) jobs. 



We are proud of our history, our development, our  service and Position  in the   markets. To safeguard  and strengthen  this  invaluable asset  for our company, we are confident  that each one of  us will make every effort to support  in every way.  The company is owned under the proprietorship of Mr.S.Vimal raj . He serves as a competent leader and the public face of our company .Our team works according to his direction.

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